11 Feb

Can your dogs be your Valentine?  I sure hope so. My dogs are now my Valentines.  These guys and gals deserve some appreciation.  They are my entourage and my ride or die friends.  They follow me, cuddle me, and watch my every move.  If there is anyone I need to celebrate for loving me regardless of my flaws, it is my crew…of dogs.  I have an undying love for all 6 of my dogs.  Each and every one of them has his or her own unique personality. So you may be looking at me sideways by now, laughing with amusement, or wanting me to share exactly how I am going to make their day special. For non-pet owners, you won’t understand.  Also, for people who say “They are just dogs!” I really don’t like your tone. My dogs are like my children. They all live inside, and they can be messy and to keep the house clean it is hard work, but I love them with the entirety of my being, so I am celebrating them on Valentine’s Day.

5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Dog

  1. Give your dog a walk. You may think your dog loves to stay in your home or your yard, but dogs have amazing sniffers, and they love to use them.  They are on patrol when they are walking in your neighborhood or park.  Dogs love getting out and smelling the world around them. It’s the best part of the day, so it may only be 10 or 15 minutes to you, but it is the highlight of their day.
  2. Dog treats are a must. You can take the easy way out and buy your furry friend his favorite treats, or you can attempt making homemade dog treats.  Remember that dogs are allergic to chocolate, so do not feed your dog any chocolate. My dogs love popcorn, so most of the time, if I eat popcorn, we all eat popcorn. I don’t mind sharing.
  3.  Visit a dog park if your dogs get along with other dogs. They will be thanking you later as they are passing out early from all of the running and playing..
  4. Watch TV and cuddle with your dog. Dogs are easy to please.  Maybe that’s why I like mine so much.  My dogs will lie down right beside me, on top of me, at my feet, and anywhere in between. I love my space at times, but let them love you.
  5. Take your dog hiking.  Depending on you and your dog’s activity level, pick an appropriate hike that will keep you both safe.  Bring water, flashlight, snacks for you and your pup, dog poop bags, and a spare bag to put the dog poop in once that moment comes. Make sure your phone is charged and that you let someone know what trail you are hiking.  Remember to look at the weather forecast and dress appropriately.  If it is going to be wet and cold, bring a towel and a change of clothes in a dry bag.  You want to be prepared for the worst. 
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